Friday, 27 June 2008

Mugabe Hijacked My Phone

So there I was, sleeping happily when an envy inducing text was sent my way at 2:27am. I'd just like to thank my ever so thoughtful friend for waking me. Awfully kind of you. I will get you back, just you wait, when you least expect it....

Well, actually it's a good thing you woke me because half an hour later, that makes it 3am for those of you who can't do simple arithmetic, Tapiwa showed up. At 3am! I heard the door slide open and someone creeping along the hall way. If this had been a few years ago I would have been freaking out, thinking it was a robber/rapist/psycho but over the past year I seem to have befriended people who have no concept of appropriate visiting times (or appropriate texting times!). I sat up in bed and watched the doorway, waiting to see which of my inconsiderate friends it was going to be, only I couldn't see anyone but I knew they were there.

DeT - "Hi Taps"
T - "How did you know it was me?!"
DeT - "Erm, 'cause I can't see you..."
T - "Ohh..."
DeT - "So, did you want something, or did you just miss me?"
T - "Actually, umm, sorry, I was wondering if I could use your phone?"
DeT - *raises eyebrows* "So you drove all the way over here at 3am just to use the telephone."

He walked into my room, how he made it to the bed without stepping on anything I'll never know, and sat down. I pressed my phone so I could see him. Poor baby boy, he looked so stressed and tired.

T - "I need to call home and my home phone won't call international and I got no airtime left"
DeT - *rolls eyes* "When do you ever!" *sighs and slides out of bed* "Yeah, wait here I'll go get the phone, you got a calling card?"
T - "No."
DeT - "Eh, no matter, I'll just show you the bill when it comes"
T - "Thanks."

So I brought in the phone and gave it to him and snuggled back under the doona. He lay on top of my bed and called his dad for over an hour. He can't find his mum, the phone kept saying all the lines were down in the area and he's stressing out because of the election. Later in the morning I asked him why he'd come all the way over here, why didn't he use a closer friends phone?

T - "Because I knew you were the only person who wouldn't give me the third degree for showing up that late. Oh and 'cause I knew the door would be open."

Ahhhhh, nice thought that.


  1. Yes, nice and priceless thought that! :D

    *It's also your own fault that you're usually up all hours! LOL.

  2. shucks! i thought i'd get boots today.

    you leave your door open?

  3. reading this made me sad for your friend and me as well knowing that in 2011 we will all be like him trying to reach people at home

  4. note to self: deT's house = open house, 24 hours!

  5. detamble, somehow, i have browsed through almost alllll your articles.

    what does de tamble mean? is is a scramble for something? and i like your blog, its sort of just... a person... i hope you know what i mean... as for the secrets part!....

  6. Don't talk about 2011 please!! It's scary enough seeing stuff like that in Zim and now we have to bring it home? No way!!!

  7. @Princess: What can I say, I enjoy fucking with my circadian rhythm.

    @Jasmine: I sure do! :D

    @Harold: Yeah :-(

    @31337: It sure as fuck is!! :D Come over anytime! No invite necessary, just show up.

    @Lulu: I think I know what you mean. It isn't a scramble. Well it sort of is, try to figure it out. The De is short for my name and it's old and has something to do with hair. If you haven't figured it out by the time I get there then I'll tell you in person.